Realistic bears of distinction

Welcome to the Bear Bits online catalogue of realistic bears, pandas, bunnies and teddies. Below you will find links to all that can currently be purchased direct from us. Be sure to visit regularly as this area of the site is constantly updated with new bears as and when they are available for release. To order, please email ( or phone.

. Postage/shipping is charged at cost. Depending on where you live and how you choose to pay you could get a pleasant surprise.

Please note that although the catalogue is updated regularly, the bears shown here may not always be available, please order early to avoid disappointment. Our bears are suitable only for the adult collector, they are not suitable as childrens toys.

We are now eighty per cent retired and we only make a very small number of bears each year, mostly by special commission, bespoke to each collector and as the result of a dialogue with you. We can make you a bear based on one of the distinct species, or maybe what we call a fusion bear with all the characteristic Bear Bits features but not in a natural bear type fabric, or even an old fashioned ted. Please look at the various categories below.

All our bears can be made with 8 JOINTS , 2 in the neck (double neck joint), 1 in each wrist and the other 4 attaching the limb to the body so they can be posed in a variety of natural positions.

The head and limbs are always hard stuffed. The body can be softly filled with pellets or stuffed firmly.

We can include an ARMATURE from the neck to the hip region (like a backbone), this means that the body is very flexible and poses more naturally. Armatures can be used in 35cm bears and larger.

Bears that are 45cm and larger can have a GROWLER but this means that the body must be firmly stuffed (no armature)

All paws will have 3D POLYMER PADS. Bears that are 35 and larger can have quilting in between each pad for extra definition.

EMBROIDERED NOSE, all bears have the naturally shaped, embroidered nose for which we are so well known.

OPEN MOUTH, I recommend that these are best on bears from 40cm and larger but it is possible to make smaller bears with an open mouth.

Any new, special bears, OOAKs, made because we have been inspired by some new fabric, will always be at the top of the list.

PLEASE NOTE, The photographs in the various categories are examples of bears that we have made in the past.

Bears on all fours

Traditional Teds

Polar Bears


Brown or Grizzly bears

Little cubs magnet bears

American Black Bears

Open Mouth Bears



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