Open Mouth Bears
PHOTOGRAPHS ARE EXAMPLES ONLY AS ALL THE FEATURED BEARS HAVE BEEN SOLD I had been planning to design a bear with an open mouth for a very long time but it had to be the “right” sort of open mouth – just enough to achieve a friendly expression; no teeth or tongue, just a little bit open; still achieving a balance between reality and the original inspiration of a teddy bear and most important of all, still looking like the modern, classic Bear Bits bear. Yuri-ka was the first and since then we have made several other 1/1 bears, varying in size from 55cm (21in) to 64cm (26in). I’ve also tried to vary the expression a little and the inspiration for Aksel was one of older, more mature bear that looked slightly grumpy. All our open-mouth bears have 8 joints, 2 for the asymmetric neck, 1 in each wrist plus 1 at the top of each limb so our bears look good in a variety of poses. Their pads are 3D on ultrasuede and the shape is further enhanced as the result of needle sculpting and airbrushed shading. In addition to developing the “just open mouth” Jean has worked to embroider an even more accurate nose shape. This can be best seen in the close-up photograph of Donaghy. Each of the 1/1 bears has one deep growler in its body but the largest ones have room for two, which Bill places in opposite directions so that your bear will “growl” when tipped both forwards and backwards. So far we have managed to make a total of 10 these special bears so far – 5 have been SOLD by us at the Winter BearFest (London), Teddy Bear Welt (Wiesbaden, Germany) or Teddy Bear Total (Rheda Wiedenbruck, Germany) between late February and April; the others have been SOLD ALREADY to Far East House in Japan or My Friends and Me in the United States for their Summer Signing event on May 28th. We obviously cannot repeat any of the bears shown and their photos are shown to give ideas. If you would like to commission a special 1/1 bear, please contact us by email - and we can discuss what you would like. Please note that ultimately we are always restricted to the fabric available. You need a good quality 24mm (or longer) dense mohair pile to make a big bear – I have some pieces in stock and usually buy from Bear Basics.
From 55cm (21in) to 64cm (26in)
Special bears. Please contact us to commission one
Price depends on size, detail included and quality of fabric used - please enquire

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