Our bears have evolved from the teddy; they look more natural but never fierce and make good companions. Oregon is one of a new series of Bear Bits bears designed to be able to stand on their hind legs. Teddy bears tend to have relatively large, flat feet so if you design and make them well it is fairly easy to get them to stand up. Jean has spent years making the relative size of our bear’s feet smaller so that they look more natural in proportion. Our bear’s feet are also textured with pads and needle sculpting so standing up on them (without the aid of muscles) is not so easy! In the wild, bears use the upright position infrequently; usually to get a better view - and so it is with ours – it is possible but other poses are more stable! The fabric used for Oregon is Schulte 24mm dense black mohair combined with a contrast old gold one. In areas such as the head, the paws and the ears the 24mm pile has been carefully shortened by trimming with scissors - to just 2mm in places! Oregon has black ultrasuede paws with 3D quilted pads and black pewter claws. His naturally shaped nose is embroidered in layers and is complimented by his gentle, open mouth edged with leather. A discreet amount of airbrushed shading has been used around his nose. Oregon has dark brown glass eyes and a tail. He has a total of 8 disk joints – 2 in the neck, 1 in each wrist and 1 to join each limb to the body) Oregon also has an internal armature (like a backbone) from the neck and dividing to each hip. His head and limbs are firmly filled with polyester; his body is more loosely filled with recycled polypellets. He can be placed in many natural looking poses – sitting up or sitting hunched, lying, standing etc.


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